My story

Life is full of stories to share

Since I set foot on this planet I have been fascinated by all living creatures. Therefore, my choice to study psychology was not difficult. I was motivated to understand why we behave the way we do. The answer to me is that everyone searches for love, recognition and honest connection. Nowadays I am interested in how to be on ease with yourself, with all the ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

“This is a being-mindset: be with what is”

This brings me to my favorite hobby: yoga. It is my sport and it became my lifestyle during the years. It gives joy, relaxation and it can be challenging! My background in jobs differ. I worked in retail, marketing, information management and as psychologist. These experiences brought me a wide perspective on the variety of work areas and companies.

“My dream came true: I opened my own practice in 2020!”

My vision is to help others by being myself. Calm, harmonious and balanced. From my position it is magical to see you grow and become aware of who you are.

I was in the same situation as you: finding the right therapist. My feelings played a major role. It does need to feel good before scheduling a session. Therefore, I understand it can be a challenge to decide who is the best for you. So feel welcome to contact me if you have questions.

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