Psychology Practice: Marijke Peperkamp

“Calm, harmonious & balanced”

05/05/2020: my official opening announcement of my psychology practice in Alkmaar! It has been about three years since I started thinking and talking about my ideas & actively realising my dream to help others. I am proud to have reached this moment by being passionate and having a great support system: friends, family, clients & strangers, have been part of my journey to put words into action.

My vision is to help others by being myself: calm, harmonious, and balanced. I give my clients a safe space to be completely who they are in order to grow and become balanced. Together we will focus on letting go of control and arriving in the here and now.

Due to the world crisis caused by COVID-19 more people are faced with stress, since we have to adjust quickly, and it is unclear how the situation will unfold. However, as mental support is essential in times with and without corona, everyone should have access to good care.

To welcome my first clients, I am offering the first session for half of the price when scheduled in May. I would like to get in touch with you, to exchange information or to support you.


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